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Shasta Abortion Coalition hopes to make being informed easy and accessible for you!

Below is a list of resources sectioned by different topics!

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Personal Resources

For your own personal abortion needs, safety, and care. 

24/7 connection through text or phone for questions during or after miscarriage and/or an abortion!

A comprehensive directory of trusted (and verified) abortion service providers in the United States.

Resource for helping find the nearest abortion clinic near you!

Provides access to medicated abortions through the mail!

Up-to-date information on how people in the U.S. are accessing at-home abortion pill options online.

A National organization working to help fund abortions for you!

Resources for those seeking legal advice for reproductive healthcare and abortions. 

Policy Information

Make sure you are up to date with state legislation, policies, and more!

Daily updates of all the newest legislations! Happening in real time!

Read up to date information about California's stance on passing an Abortion Amendment!

Strategy Resources

Making abortion an open conversation and strategies for speaking up for abortion rights!

When having the conversation of abortion we are often faced with anti-abortion members; here is a great article that gives us advice on how to combat those conversations!

A great resource for finding out how other countries are responding and fighting for abortion rights all around the world! 

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